Ross And Smith Island A Beach Paradise

Ross and smith island beach

Ross And Smith Island ‚Äč

The twin-islands as the local people call it to be. The waves reaching my feet making me satiate to great extend. I look at the tortuous clouds they were in a move. Providing shade and making the pristine beauty of island more alluring. The abyss of Ross and smith island intrigued my mind about the place I haven't visited yet in India.

I arrived at Ross and Smith island this morning. After a long bumpy ride on a canoe from Diglipur, Andaman crossing the treacherous aerial bay. The first glimpse of the Twin-island induced a triumphant feeling inside me. Place where no sign of mobile signal, humans developed world can be seen.

aerial bay- ross and smith island

Helmsman parked the boat quarter mile away from the beach. When I asked him why he is not going further. He replied with a weird grin, "Ek ghante me kum ho jaiga sahab". Though I doubted his answer at that time. But a task of getting into the water and reaching the beach pondered into my head. Took out my shoes, rolled up my jeans and jumped into the water. "Damn it is chilled as ice mutter to myself."  The sand slipping away underneath my feet in a playful manner. As if the sand and water both welcome me in their own way.

Ross and smith island beach

The beach, looked as nature blooming all over the place. The green grass, white sand, dense forest, clear blue water, so pure and pious. Furthermore making me realize the difference between our world and the world that the God had created. It was a paradise, a real paradise. The white sandbar adjoining Ross and Smith Island seem to be as a "Narnia state."

Ross and smith island beach

Why this place is not in the leading destination in India. How come people even don't know this place exists. I wonder while walking along the beach when a thought struck my mind.

Whether it will remain the same place when more and more people start reaching this place? Create their concrete jungle due to the luxurious lifestyle they live and creating garbage dump everywhere around. That image aghasted me! Considering "Goa" to be the best example. How vibe of Goa got killed a decade ago when people started believing it to be a tourist destination. It is better this place remain hidden from the outside world. No one cares as the mother nature do.

Ross and smith island white sand beach

Thus utopian island just created a great muse inside me for the unexplored places in India. While I spent 6 hours sitting ideal looking at the magnificent beauty of the area.  

The ocean already started retreating away and the sandbar too is getting larger every hour as it passes. The canoe was in shallow water now. The helmsman was telling the truth at the time we arrived. I looked at my wristwatch counting the time. The authorities and Indian Navy only allowed us a limited stay permit for the island and me was already up by a couple of hours. I looked at the helmsman and he seems like he was just waiting for me to go back to the canoe. Thought of going back dejected me and an inexplicable feeling arise in my mind  "I don't want to go back."

Ross and smith island beach

The helmsman began pacing toward me since it is time to go back. I started looking for my camera and belonging which were left away all over the beach while I was in spellbinding about the utopian island. "Chale sahab," he asked me. Though I knew that it was time to go back. Just took my last chance asking him to stay for little more time. He replied "theek hai 15 min me chaltey hai," . A euphoria arises again.

Ross and smith island beach

Meanwhile, he asked me to look at the island peak just parallel to the beach. Miles away the point was covered all over with clouds the sight bear a resemblance much as to the Himalayas way up in the north. What is it? I asked him "Saddle Peak," the highest point in the bay of Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar islands he replied.

Ross and smith island beach

I grabbed my things from the beach and started moving toward the canoe. Clicking the last photo, trying to capture the pristine beauty of the island. So I can remembrance the place when I will be at home. Looking back at the beach realizing that, "it has no memory and it will harshly remember me. Finally walked into the water and jumped on the canoe making all the way to the Aerial bay back.

ross and smith island Andaman- Sand Bar Beach

Reaching the aerial bay port the taxi was already waiting for me for the hotel in diglipur. On the way to the hotel looking at myself in the side mirror i asked myself whether it was worth travelling thousands miles away from the main land of the country,passing the tribal areas,treacherous forest, travelling 300km by road for that beach and the face in mirror grinned answering "nothing is worth losing this".

aerial bay ross and smith island
aerial bay, ross and smith island
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