Trip Plan for Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Information about andaman and nicobar island places to visit ross and smmith island twin island viper island northbay island ross island chidya tapu cellular jail and havelock island

Andaman islands tourism is at boost these days. It is one of the top tourist places in India. 

But one should keep in mind visiting the Andaman Islands without a proper plan it can interrupt your wander.

Most of the people are unaware of the places and waste their limited days for holidays in figuring it out.

Andaman islands are also known as beaches paradise of India. White sand beaches at Havelock Island and Ross and Smith island. Fantastic water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and exploring the underwater coral life at the north bay island, Havelock Island, and jolly buoy island. With a proper itinerary, you can explore all without interfering the holiday mood.

Itinerary for Andaman Islands .

cellular jail, port blair

Day 1 :

After Reaching Port Blair check-in to the hotel. After a while go out for Port Blair local sight scene. Include Munda pahad, chidiya tapu, Corbyns beach, Kala Pani museum, science center aquarium and cellular jail as per your interest.

Try to reach Cellular jail by evening as light show get starts at 6:00 pm and last play at 07:15 pm.

(Note: if you are not able to do all places on day 1. Don't worry we can cover the leftover spots on last day of the tour so take your time while exploring the areas. Do not rush we have plenty of time)

Day 2 :

The Islands Day: There are three local islands around Port Blair. Which are covered via ferry from the Water Sports complex jetty at Port Blair.  The price tag is 100INR per island. The Ross, North Bay and Viper island it will take a whole day to cover the islands. Ross Island is all about the world war history with Japan and British rulers using it as administration hub. You will find Japanese bunkers and some Ruin British building and their water filtration mechanism. Viper Island is the place where British execute the freedom fighters/Indian by hanging them. Northbay island is where you can enjoy the scuba diving, snorkeling and see some corals on sea bead. Still will suggest snorkeling at jolly buoy island discuss later below in this itinerary.

Day 3 :

Get up early morning leave for Baratang island. (In 2007 there was option visiting mud volcano at Baratang. Mangrove at Baratang is done via boat. For limestone cave, you have to walk for a couple of miles crossing forest and village. You might also spot some tribal people (Jarawa) while passing the island. One must keep in mind not to click photos as there are strick rules for against that. Kindly respect their peace. (Crossing Baratang Island have a convoy system, and you have to be there in time early morning start is always preferred.)

(*NOTE: From here there are two ways you can go. Usually, tourist people go back to Port Blair on the same day. If you are short on days then skip day 4 and day 5 and directly go to day 6 and continue from there after day 3. but will suggest going further if you want to see the best beach of India and unexplored Andaman islands .)

After seeing Baratang Island travel to the north Andaman Islands, you will reach there by night around 8 pm and stay at Diglipur for the night.

ross and smith island beach andaman islands

Day 4 :

Start early morning go to turtle beach in Karmatang. From there leave for Aerial bay . The place where you will get a jet boat for Ross and Smith islands (twin islands of India, Wonderland of India). A permit required for the Ross and Smith Island which one can Avail at Aerial bay itself.  If traveling by taxi ask the driver to do so, he will arrange everything for you. After exploring the Ross and Smith Islands return to Rangat and stay there for the night.

mangroove walkway

Day 5 :

Have breakfast Start from Rangat explore dhaninala beach. The leisure walk between Mangroves. Moricedera beach and some other unexplored beaches on the way back to Portblair. You can also go for the Mud Volcano at Baratang Island on the return journey instead of day 3. Reach Port Blair in Evening.

radhanagar sunset

Day 6/Day 4 :

Day for Havelock Island: There are two options available to reach Havelock island one is Island ferry run by the government of India (cheaper) but time-consuming. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach till Havelock island. The second option is makruzz a private service which is bit costlier. But you will reach havelock under 2 hours. Both the ferry start from Phoenix Bay jetty in Port Blair. Be Sure that you book the tickets in advance.

Havelock is a beach island. There are mainly three beaches you can explore. Radha Nagar beach, Kalapathar beach and Elephanta beach. Elephanta Beach is primarily for sports activities like Scuba diving and snorkeling. You can ask the counters open near hotels for the cost of the events as they keep on changing according to the season.

neil island bridge andaman islands

Day 7/Day 5 :  

Day for neil island : Ferry to neil island leaves from havelock 2-3 times in a day book the first ferry to neil island so that you have plenty of time to explore island. It will tak max 20-30 minutes to reach neil island from havelock.

After exploring the island take the last ferry for port blair from neil island which will reach to havelock at around 6-7 pm. (Note: You can interchange your neil island with havelock island for staying option neli island is less crowded as compared to havelock island and if you want a peacefull time away from crowd neil island is better for the staying  option.)

Snorkelling Jolly Buoy Island

Day 8/Day 6 :

Today is the last day for the tour ,jolly buoy island/red skin island  are the two islands part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park which are open on alternate period. Red skin island and jolly buoy island are the best islands to see marine life and live corals on sea bead with crystal clear water and marine life playing around corals. You can do snorkelling and can have a tour on small boat around the island. 

One can reach red skin island and jollybuoy island from wandoor jetty ,port blair. The ferries leaves wandoor jetty in the morning. Better to take some food and snack with you as no option of food is available at island itself. Kindly bring back the warpers and all waste material to keep the nautre at it best.

After returning back to wandoor one can go for the places which were left on the first day in local tour of port blair.

Day 9/Day 7 : 

Time to go home: Last day in Andaman Islands, sit relax and thing about the wonderful places you have seen in last couples of days =)

If you have any other further query, comment below or try to connect me on social media. I will try to reach to you as soon as possible.

Happy Holidays ..!

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