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Andaman Islands

Are you wondering/curious to know the correct answer for "How Many Islands in Andaman and Nicobar are there?" then you just ended up on the right place. A detailed list with images of all Islands is given below that are listed/named by Indian Government.

Information about andaman and nicobar island places to visit ross and smmith island twin island viper island northbay island ross island chidya tapu cellular jail and havelock island

There are 572 islands total Andaman and Nicobar. With most of them are still existing without a name. Out of which 38 are permanently inhabited. The list also include the islands that are untouched by modern world and know as one of the most isolated places in world. It also include the only active volcano of India and home of the last uncontacted tribal people in the world. 

The Andaman group has 325 islands while the Nicobar group of Islands has only 247 islands . Andaman and Nicobar Islands are separated from each other by a channel Called "the Ten Degree Channel".

The List is divided into two Parts One for Andaman Islands Group and another For Nicobar Islands Group. 

Lets Check It Out : 

  • Islands In Andaman Group.
  • Islands In Nicobar Group.
Ross and smith island white sand beach

1) Ross and Smith Island:

Ross And Smith Islands are the two island joined by a white sand bar. Walking on two sided beach is one of the island that you cannot miss if planing to go to the Andaman in near future.


2) Barren Island:

It is the only confirmed active volcano in South Asia and has a barren landscape uninhabited by humans, though it has a small population of goats. A Government permit is required to visit the island.


3) North Sentinal Island:

It is home to the Sentinelese people who, often violently, reject any contact with the outside world, and are among the last people worldwide to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization. As such, only limited information about the island is known. Visting this island is prohibited

4) Rutland Island:

Rutland Island offers an ideal base for training open water divers. Prominent tourist spots on the island include Jahaji Beach, Bada Balu, Manner Strait, Photo Nallah and Dani Nallah.

Interview Island

5) Interview Island:

The island  is situated to the west of Austen Strait which separates North Andaman Island and Middle Andaman Island.One can travel by dinghy through Austen Strait from Mayabunder, with permission.

Jolly Buoy Island

6) Jolly Buoy Island:

Jolly Buoy Island is the part of Mahatma Gandhi National Park, Andaman Islands. One Can reach Jolly Buoy Island from New Wandoor Beach which is 20 km from Port Blair.

7) North Bay Island:

To do Sea Walking you have to get to North Bay Island. You can buy tickets at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex and get on a ferry to North Bay Island

Aves Island

8) Aves Island:

Aves is a perfect destination for basking in the sun and sea water by simply sitting in the water. The tall, thick coconut trees provide shade which saves you from scorching heat. Snorkeling is also a great activity.

Long Island

9) Long Island :

Marg Bay and Lalaji Bay are 2 beaches popular as a picnic spot in this island. The island is a good location for beach camping. The hotels are mainly managed by the forest department. A visit to nearby Guitar Island is also popular.

jolly buoy island

10) Outram Island:

Outram Island is thoroughly surrounded by silver, smooth sandy beaches. You can delight in just dozing, relaxing and basking in the sun on these beaches. If you are interested in fishing, you can take pleasure in wonderful fishing experience on this island along the edge of the reef.

11) Ross Island:

The island is situated 3 km from Port Blair. The historic ruins are a tourist attraction.

Ross Island bunker

12) Red-Skin Island:

Among the most popular destination in the Andaman Islands. Turquoise coloured waters, scenic views its an alternative to Jolly Buoy Island.

neil island bridge andaman islands

13) Neil Island :

Neil Island is a tiny but beautiful island. With unexplored coral reefs, brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forest and vegetation, it is one of the hot tourist spots in the Andamans. Neil Island is known as the 'vegetable bowl' of the Andamans.

14) Viper Island

Viper Island is a serene beautiful tourist destination situated near Port Blair's harbour, and can be approached in 20 minutes from the Phoenix Bay jetty. It is famous for its Historic importance.

John Lawrence Island

15) John Lawrence Island:

The Boat rides to the island are subject to weather and condition of the sea. There is a small channel between John Lawrence Island and Henry Lawrence Island that is lined with thick mangrove forests.

Baratang walkway

16) Baratang Island:

Baratang has plenty of private accommodations. Forest and PWD guest houses are also available.The major attractions are the limestone caves, the Mud volcano, Parrot Island, and Baludera Beach and home to the Jarwas Tribe.

17) Havelock Island:

Havelock island is a picturesque natural paradise with beautiful white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and lush green forest. It is one of the populated islands in the Andaman group.

Special Permit/Uninhabited Island's Lists:

  • South Sentinal Island.
  • North brother Island.
  • West Sister Island.
  • East Sister Island.
  • Passage Island.
  • Wood Maryson Bay Island.
  • Boat Island.
  • Tarmungli Island.
  • Maly Island.
  • Hobday Island.
  • Pluto Island.
  • Snob Island.
  • Defense Island.
  • Petrie Island.
  • Bluff Island.
  • Flat Island.
  • Anderson Island.
  • North Reef Island.
  • Point Island.
  • Paget Island.
  • Sand Bank Island.
  • Reef Island.
  • White Cliff Island.
  • Thornhill Island.
  • West Island.
  • Landfall Island.
  • East Island.
  • Peacock Island.
  • Excelsior Island.
  • Table Island.
  • Sound Island.
  • Strait Island.
  • North Passage Island.
  • Sir William Reef Island
  • Petman Island.
  • Kyd Island.
  • Fort Island.
  • Narcondam Island.
  • Rose Island.

Unfortunately, at present these Island required Special Permit if one has to visit them. And it is quite hard to get as tourism department has limited staff in Andaman and is unable to provide the tourist support and security for the people visiting these Island. We hope they will be open shortly for all the people.

The Majority of Islands which are not open to People and Official Names are not disclosed yet.  

This gives you a clear and full list of Islands and answered you Query about total how many Islands in Andaman and Nicobar are there.

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